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AMCS Acquisition History

AMCS Acquisitions

Historic Timeline

AMCS CEO, Jimmy Martin: “The waste and recycling industry is going through a massive transition. Organisations in residential, commercial, industrial waste collection and recycling, are re-positioning themselves in the growing, more circular economy. These organizations also have an increasing appetite to digitalise their business and automate business processes. It requires software companies like AMCS, with a certain scale, to be able to make the investments needed to support this transformation on a global scale.

Below you have an overview of the acquisition history of the AMCS Company. In the past eight years we acquired Solution Works, Wånelid Weighbridge solution, PC Scale Tower (ERP and scale Solutions), Transvision (Route and Fleet planner software), P&L (ERP IWS), GMT (ERP CLEAR, AfvalRIS and Mobile Order management), Wastedge (ERP Cloud), Sendrr (Portals and Digital solutions), Brady (Recycling Software), Desert Micro (ERP Route Manager, Route Warrior and Wastebooks) and Recy Systems AG.


AMCS acquisitions.png
AMCS acquisitions.png

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