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Development & Product Management

Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

Senior C# Developer.


Roles and Responsibilities


The role of the Senior C# Developer is to design and implement new features for our cloud and on premises ERP application and to improve our existing products. The job covers a wide range of different projects like prototyping new technologies or ideas, making production quality implementations of new features and large scale code refactoring using Roslyn. You’ll be working closely together with the Product Architect and DevOps team, but will be given a lot of freedom in planning and execution your projects.


Skills required


  • Deep understanding of the C# programming language and the .NET Framework;
  • Ability to design and implement features independently;
  • Experience with Roslyn, BenchmarkDotNet and .NET profiler(s) are desired;
  • Experience in other programming languages is desired;
  • Understanding of the .NET and the underlying platform, e.g. compilers, JIT compilers, garbage collectors and cache hierarchy;
  • Understanding of networks and network protocols, e.g. OSI layers, HTTP, WS, SSL, IPsec, reverse proxies and DNS;
  • Work in conjunction with the different development teams to identify pain points in the application and ways to solve these.


Other areas


  • Good interpersonal and teamwork skills;
  • Experience in SQL Server.


Please provide your GitHub or similar link with your CV.

Development & Product Management
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