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31 elo 2018

5 Sizzling Summer Webinars To Get Your Business Cooking

Webinar Wednesdays with AMCS - Summer Wrap Up

AMCS turned up the heat on waste business operations with a hot summer webinar series

We wanted to provide small and mid-sized waste management companies with a little bit of extra love this summer. So, we cooked up a summer webinar series dedicated entirely to helping you run your hauling and landfill operations more efficiently using our solutions to improve sales, customer service, operations, disposal, billing and collections. Here is a quick overview of the first five webinars as we wrap up our summer series and look toward our fall program.

1. Improve Sales & Enhance Customer Service

Learn how to eliminate sales errors, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve single call resolution with automated processes and quick access to customer data. During the webinar, you will gain insight into how one system can benefit your business by offering ways to automate and streamline processes, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

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2. Improve Your Overall Operational Efficiency

Save time and money when you learn how to improve the efficiency of your inventory and resource tracking, minimize missed services and get ahead of customer complaints, and automate your route selection process. This webinar will give you insight into how to use one system to help you delegate work more effectively and reduce the amount of time spent on transport planning, execution and follow up to improve productivity and streamline processes.

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3. Go Paperless with Real-Time Data

It’s time to say “goodbye” to working with paper! Learn how mobile solutions have ushered in a paperless future for waste haulers around the globe, making them far more competitive by reducing overhead and manual data input. Watch this recording to gain insights into how you can eliminate your paper routing sheet, improve communication between the office and the field, gain visibility into the locations of your vehicles, delegate work in real time, and improve response time to customers.

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4. Optimize Your Scale House Operations

Many companies still manually operate scale houses, using a lot of human capital and manual data entry and reporting. By watching this webinar, you’ll learn about the efficiency and flexibility of the AMCS Scale System, used by scale houses to create scale tickets with speed and simplicity all while capturing the most pertinent data required for specific reporting requirements.

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5. Streamline & Automate Billing & AR Collections

Improve cash flow and save time and money with automated billing processes. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can shift to digital invoicing, use automated payment reminders to improve collections, and set up a streamlined accounts receivable program with flexible payment options that improve daily sales outstanding.

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