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Total coverage

With one system, AMCS Enterprise Management covers the complete chain from waste collection, recycling to resource industry

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ScrapRunner - Brady

Scraprunner- Where to find Enterprise Management Information

Following the acquisition of Brady's Recycling solutions in 2018, the Scraprunner and CRES Solutions websites were fully integrated into our AMCS Group website

AMCS ScrapRunner™ is a complete system, having automated trip entry, container control, trip and driver management, driver mobile data, and an interface to your existing accounting system.


Knowing exactly what assets you have in the field at any given moment, and exactly where they’re located improves utilization and saves you money. With the overwhelming cost of a single container, replacing a lost or misplaced container can be an unnecessary expense. With ScrapRunner’s android barcode scanners, scrap operators can track each individual container’s exact location on a map.

“ScrapRunner has definitely improved our routing efficiency. It gives the driver all of the information he needs to get to a location and tell him specifically what needs to be done. There are no longer any communication errors between dispatch and the drivers. We no longer have drivers getting lost, or accidentally going to a wrong location. We receive fewer complaints from our customers about time delays.” Monica Boebel -Behr Iron & Metal

Major Benefits

AMCS ScrapRunner™ offers the following key benefits:

  • Save up to 20% or more in day-to-day operational costs
  • Maximize daily truck and container productivity
  • Reduce labor and overtime costs
    Optimize pick-ups and deliveries to reduce miles and drive times
  • Reduce time and cost of rerouting
  • Lower fuel and tire costs
  • Reduce wear and tear on trucks
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Dramatically reduce paperwork
  • Real-time GPS vehicle tracking capabilities
  • Truck route logging and replay by date and/or time
  • GPS Geo-fencing to monitor travel areas
  • Customized exception reports
  • Pan and zoom
  • Real-time display of truck and container ID’s

Featured Highlights

  • Track your trucks and containers in real-time with integrated GPS and mapping
  • Access dispatch and routing tools from any computer with internet access
  • Speed up your daily driver, truck and container assignments
  • Support complex business and container pick-up and swap out scenarios
  • Provide real-time notification of
    yard arrival
  • Analyze customer-by-customer container utilization

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